A Day of Paleo. A food lovers' project on Instagram.

I get tons of questions to what it is I regularly eat, especially when people hear what 'foods' I don't eat. It gave me the idea to document a day in the life of a Paleolithean. (Is that a word? Google says 'no results', there's my good deed for today) I'd do this on Instagram and share to my Twitter and Facebook, under the #tag '#adayofpaleo', describing what it is people see. Simple, right?

A quick introduction to us 'Paleolithians': We eat: Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits and Nuts. That's basically it. We don't eat: grains (this includes pasta), legumes, olive oil, potatoes, sugar, rice, soy and most things that have an EAN-Code on it. Simple concept.

Breakfast: Black peppered bacon wrapped green asparagusses with egg.

Black peppered asparagus.jpg

I started the day off with something simple, yet o-mazing. Grilled black peppered-green asparagus (speaking of weird words), wrapped in a coat of bacon with two eggs. They were prepared in Coconut oil, because it's simply the best stuff to cook anything in. And also, 7:30am. Just FYI. Checkout the original post here!

Mise en place: dinner preparations. 

Crock Pot Smokey Crock Pot preparations.jpg

While the asparagusses are asperging it's time to make preparations for dinner. I use aCrock Pot for some meals, today was such a day. I had marinated four beautiful pieces of chuck roast. They got marinated in coffee grounds, Dutch cocoa, chipotle, cinnamon, oregano, cumin, garlic powder and salt. After marinating I seared them on each side for a few minutes before throwing them into the Crock Pot. But first I made sure there was a bed of sliced red oignons and shrooms for them to get comfortable on. I set the timer to switch on at noon-ish, 7 hours on 'low' does the trick. When I arrive home I know my senses will be met with the greatest of smells. Find the original recipe here and the Instagram post here

Lunch: Mustard infused burgers with fresh guaco and beetroot. 

Mustard infused burgers.jpg

Then there's my lunch. Typically my lunches are leftovers from dinner the day before. I eat these cold, even when they're meat or fish. I don't really care. Just as delicious. My dinner yesterday were mustard infused beef hamburgers, topped with a fresh spicy guaco and beetroots cooked with laurel. I used two eggs and a spoonful of cocoflour for consistency. A dash of salt, a dash of black pepper, spoonful of oregano and thyme mixed in and added bonus: red oignons. Half a kilo minced beef got me 4 burger patties. Find that original post here.

Greek Yoghurt with nuts and dates.jpg

A snack! Greek yoghurt with dates and nuts!

Title says it all. Greek Yoghurt (10%) with assorted nuts, (no peannuts, these are legumes) and a couple of dates thrown in there. I sometimes throw in Goji berries or cranberries too. Check out the original post here.

Dinner: Spicy fried cauliflower rice with smokey chuck roast. 

Smokey chuck roast and cauliflower rice.jpg

When I got home the smokey roast was almost done; I've left myself some time to prepare a spicy cauliflower fried 'rice' to accompany the roast. This is also pretty easy, if you have a food processor. I inspired the 'rice' on this recipe, but I added a bit of sesame oil and curry spices. I also used a 'sweet' oignon for this, although I didn't really taste the difference. And the red oignons and shrooms from the crock-pot are exquisite. Original post here.

Let's talk results. 

Overall the photo's gotten about 55 likes on Instagram in total, and a bunch more on Facebook. On Twitter the breakfast pic had a reach of about 3.500 due to a couple retweets (thanks @miekd!). I got a bunch of new followers on Instagram, but actually none of this really matters. What did matter was that I found new people to follow and get inspired by their collective feeds. Other than that, it got me into a dinner date (I'm thinking 7 courses), and inspired someone to make the asparagus over the weekend! Pretty awesome! I hope I gave all the people involved a good sense about Paleo, I very much enjoyed this experiment! All the positive feedback got me inspired to commence new events like this! Follow me on Instagram to keep updated if you like. :)