You should give yourself permission for failure.

Here's one:

We need to be continuously striving to go beyond our comfort zones if we want to be successful.

A lot of us know this. We know we are allowed to make mistakes, or maybe even know there's no shame in making them. But how many of us set out to actually do something and purposely know we're going to screw up at some point? We ourselves our our toughest critic.

We fall so we learn to pick ourselves up. (And try again).

Failure is regarded as a sign of incompetence. Especially to oneself. It's this exact mindset that raises the bar to such a level that it will be in your way of actually creating or doing things. It's actually something I struggle with on a daily basis. It's why we should be more comfortable with knowing we will screw up at a certain point. 

Done is better than perfect.

Saw that quote on a motivational poster at Facebook HQ. It might be my new favorite as it co-inspired me to write this up. 

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In part /via the always lovely and beautiful Miss MiaMia.