David Allen's Getting Things Done - By Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann.

I've been a fan of the 'Back to Work' podcast series ever since my friend Maykel introduced me to it. I started listening to every single one, every single day, religiously. It thought me so much about myself, productivity and about views of others. I could fill pages of funny, recognizable anecdotes and take-aways from this show! If anything, you should just listen to some yourself. Especially if you can appreciate sayings like:

"If you wanna go live up in the trees, don't be surprised if you find yourself living with monkeys." - Merlin Mann
Few weeks ago they decided to finally do a 5 part show on David Allen's Getting Things Done method. Mann is of course well known for his his productivity insights on his website 43folders and his 'Inbox Zero' talk at Google.

How do you unwad that giant crapball of stuff you call a life? The answer is simple, but it’s not so easy. You need a trusted system in which to collect, process, review, and—yes— do all the things that matter.

Should you have an interest in harnessing the power of David Allen's GTD system I'd advise you to delve into the GTD book (again) and listen to the following podcasts. Be advised, the system isn't hard. It's possible to get in control, but it will take you some time and effort. If you're up for it;

  1. She's 5 for a living.
  2. Compensatory Muscles.
  3. Pope of the office.
  4. Bagged and Boarded.
  5. Nobody wants to live in a scaffolding.

The above links will provide you with excellent resources and great spoken insights into the GTD system. The book can be a big vague (on strictness), I noticed Merlin Mann's comments provide great clarity on all those grey area's and excuses not to take control of your life, because you're so special.

"Sure, that's fine for Merlin."