Blogging: 1 Month in.

Today I've been blogging on a more regular basis for a month. I decided I'd just do it for me. To see if I could get in to it. I didn't really share my posts with anyone during last month. The amount of visitors are low, but I don't mind. As long as there are people who can enjoy the posts, I'll try and keep going. I do get positive responses on it. Maybe I'll get more vocal about it in the future, maybe not.

There are some cool things coming up! I've delved into coding through CodeAcademy, and will be trying to change the site visually a bit more over time. Furthermore Whatthefrog promised to design a bit of a logo/style for the website, which I'm really excited about! Hope to toss in a small preview in post on that soon.

Then there are other things I'm learning. I'm learning to ship, and learning that 'done is better than perfect'. Where I used to be too perfectionistic in what I wanted to put out there, that it was in the way of me producing anything. Nowadays I noticed I write up posts quickly, am on a constant lookout for interesting content to share and during the day the blogs are taking form in my head. I schedule posts so I can write in the morning and at night. I work with drafting posts and tweaking the content as I go along. I use mobile apps so I can get my thoughts on paper. 

Then there are things I want to learn still. I want to find more focus in topics. Past month I've been all over the place. Which is okay, since this is my blog after all.

I'm always open to feedback, should you have any. :)