iTunes Match, iOS 6.1 and Smart playlists.

Recently I wrote about Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann doing a 5 episode series on David Allen's Getting Things Done system, (which was awesome). They just finished doing a 3 episode series on iTunes Match, Smart playlists and leveraging the power of programs like MusicBrainz Picard and Smarts. It might change your musical life.

Right in the middle the first episode of this series , I quickly cancelled my Spotify and Rdio subscriptions. I was convinced. Especially since I use several iOS devices, (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV) and two MacBooks; to have all my music everywhere is just amazing at only a fraction of the price of online music services. The benefits to me are; 

  • 256kbps music
  • all my content everywhere
  • music stored in the cloud
  • it takes less storage capacity on my iOS devices
  • my full collection available to me, everywhere and on every device
  • cheap, cheap, cheap. (€2,- a month)

Here are the episodes in the right listening order and a small list of needed resources: 

As with all awesome things, it takes a bit of time to get into it, but you will get so much value out of it that it'll really be worth the effort. Also, if you know Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann's Back to Work podcast series, you know the first 30 minutes are just friendly chitchat, fun for us nerds, but probably not much value to you when you just came for the useful bits. The image below found on 2000nickles sums it up pretty well:

Picture thanks to . Of course inspired upon the ' A day with Hunter ' news article clipping.

Picture thanks to Of course inspired upon the 'A day with Hunter' news article clipping.

All credits, thanks and gratitude belongs of course to Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann for changing lives as they go. Maybe they'll do another podcast again soon where they'll talk smart playlists and such, 3 part series always seem to end up as 5 part series. (NICE).

Also, it seems iTunes is only as good as its contracts with media distributors, as outlined in this article. So make sure you back up all the mediafiles.