The Minimalists: Create more, consume less.

Shortly after the industrial revolution, though, corporations found themselves wading through too much supply and not enough demand. So, via advertisements and various talking heads, people were told they needed to consume more. Even today, we are told that in order to “keep the economy going” we have to buy more stuff. What’s worse is that we buy into this lie.
— The Minimalists

I'd like to argue that because of the rising wealth and increased GDP since the industrial revolution, we've had an abundance of free time on our hands. Not knowing what to do with all of this free time, we automatically started looking to fill in this void with entertainment and consumption. Maybe it wasn't an abundance of supply that kickstarted advertising, but the need to be entertained and spend our abundance of money. You could also say that subsequently, it was that entertainment that drove our further crave for consumption and success. 

And next to that, all that is created, wants to be consumed, somehow. I created this post as a follow-up post to the Minimalists blogpost. I hope it adds to the 'social capital', and therein lies a problem. I create this in an N amount of time, and it will be consumed by an N amount of people. How does that fill this real void of consumption? It feels like a contradiction to create something that will be consumed by many, to fill the void of consumption.