Update: Away to do Berlin.

Hello. I noticed I've been lacking new posts recently, apologies. This is due to some upcoming changes and a lot of workload that came with it. Next to that, we've gone to Berlin for a few days. It was absolutely wonderful! I think I'd rate Berlin as one of the greatest cities I've ever been to! I'll post a few pics of the trip soon, when I find the time to do post. On average I think we walked for .. 42km every day, so we've seen a lot of the beautiful city and took some great pics. They'll marginally appear on my Instagram feed, and for more (and better) pictures check out the lovely MademoiselleMia's great Instagram feed.

Soon I'll be picking up blogging on a more frequent base, I've written and drafted a few for upcoming week, so there will surely be new content soon. I'm also introducing a new section where I'm going to share 3 interesting TED talks every week. Thursday's would be good for these. Next to Friday music, my weekly musical column on Friday, I'm introducing TED Thursday. Where music is easier to consume, I'll limit TED Thursday to 3 video's a week. Looking forward to sharing these already!