TED Thursday.

My apologies for the lack of a TED Thursday last week. I've been getting some complaints (1 to be exact, thanks Jeroen) about being slack. But I wasn't slack, I was just really busy last week and I typically watch the TED talks before sharing them. This costs little bits of times. Time I lacked last week. But, there's a new TED talk this week, hope you enjoy. 

It's known Steve Jobs took walking meetings. And I hear people at Menlo Park are doing it more often. Nilofer Merchant talks about taking walking meetings in this short TED talk. She is also a guest of Mitch Joel in episode #360 of the Twist Image podcast The topic of which is how to support a community. What it takes to support an author and a community in a world where the media is everyone and the choices are abundant. How do you find that signal through the noise and - more importantly - how do you make that connection stick? Get the episode here

We sit more than we sleep according to Nilofer, but maybe we should sleep more. They key to a more joyful life is .. according to Arianna, more sleep. Since I changed my lifestyle a while back, I try to get more sleep myself. And it seems to work. I feel lots better! Instead of averaging out on a 18-20 hours of sleep a week, I now try to get at least 6 hours a night, which to me is a huge difference. I'm not sure this is they key to success, but I do think we should sleep more.