RE: Last friday's Friday Music post.

So, I had no internet all of last week. And for this reason there was a little lack of posts. Usually I write up stuff in the evenings, schedule posts and all is fine and dandy. Since there is a direct correlation to me blogging and posting, me having internet access and me having time to consume media, this resulted in a slow week. I couldn't consume music and couldn't share either. Most of my music is in iTunes Match. So, I couldn't connect to a 3g network and stream music to an AppleTV at the same time. Ack. My week. 

Next weekend marks a special weekend. It'll be my birthday and I will be going to the Pitch Festival in Amsterdam to celebrate. I'll try and line up a friday music post well in advance. I'll throw some music in there from the week I missed. 

And it was such a big, big week on the internet too! There were a lot of things happening with the NSA/Snowden leaks.  (Credit where credit's due, the man's a hero.) So many enraging things are being revealed lately and I feel so super helpless watching this from the sidelines. My beloved internet, all the monitoring, all the data, all the bad things happening to our basic freedoms, our rights.. It's making me sick and I'm also getting pretty sick of it. We, people, should be enraged over what's happening. 

Someone actually said to me: 'I've nothing to hide because I do no wrong, so I don't care.' You have got to be kidding me with that argument. I hope this person was just trolling. 

Luckily, there are a few people close to me who see what is happening as well and are getting pretty fed up with it as well. I could disappear in a jail for forever for writing this without due process, or me, my family or the complete neighbourhood could be instantly drone killed, but we're looking into being more active to take action ourselves. Protesting, taking this to the streets, it seems the only thing we can still do, but not for too long though, because governments do not seem to appreciate constructive feedback, discussions about rights, clues or good ideas. 

As for my internet? That's fixed. I had the repairman come over to plug in the power cable. Seriously.