Blogging hiatus and vacation.

It's been noticeably quiet on my blog past 3 weeks. And for this, I apologise. I decided to take a few (3) unannounced weeks off from blogging and sharing content. Mainly due to having more to do at work, but also because I am less at home in this great weather. I try to spend more time outside of the house and doing things that do not involve electricity. Weird huh? It's great though. Summer is not yet over, but I'll try to pick up blogging again for now. For this week, I'm drafting a couple of posts as we speak, so hopefully it'll be updated soon. (Sooner than this post, I mean, this counts towards an update. )

In other news: I'm also looking to buy a place to myself in Utrecht, but this hunt isn't without the obligatory bumps and bears on the road. There's a lot of crap out there and the current market.. is interesting  to say the least. 

And! I set up a pool in the backyard! That is great amounts of fun in the hot weather! We've had another heatwave at the end of last week and taking a dive in a pool is a great relief.