Clay Shirky: and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality.

My hero Clay Shirky strikes again with this must read blogpost on the debacle that is For many online media people, designers and the clutter 2 degrees away from them, it was almost impossible to avoid the news and drama surrounding the non-functional and more than $ 600 million costing website. It has been all over the media and a month ago, Shirky already wrote a quality lengthy article on the subject at The Guardian. 

If you want certain features at a certain level of quality, you’d better be able to move the deadline. If you want overall quality by a certain deadline, you’d better be able to delay or drop features. And if you have a fixed feature list and deadline, quality will suffer.

A must read if you're working with, on, or are in any way connected to a project.  Because situations where management is unwilling to listen to their employees, where there's a culture of people not willing to take the blame or tell upper management the truth on implications of their own decisions happen far too often.