"When the Ben and Jerry's ice cream company kills a flavor, it's treated with respect."

A long time ago I wondered whatever happend to my favourite ice cream flavour; Ben and Jerry's Rainforest Crunch. I went on a mission and discovered Ben and Jerry's actually have a graveyard where the individual discontinued flavours are at rest. Just this morning I came across it again on a NPR article from 2012. Listen to the full story: 

They even have a small little poem for the Rainforest Crunch!

"With aching heart and heavy sigh, we bid Rainforest Crunch goodbye; that nutty brittle from exotic places got sticky in between our braces. 1989-1996. It was a really, really good flavor."

This morning I also learned there was a 'Festivus - A holiday for the rest of us' Ben and Jerry's edition! Too bad I will most probably never get my hands on a pint of it. Rest in peace sweet awesome flavours. 

Fun fact, Googling for 'Festivus' gives a nice few of easter eggs!


Get in my face, a Festivus miracle!