All Things D: Elon Musk at D11.

Elon Musk, I wrote about him and Tesla before. Above, the full video of him at All Things D. Here's his page on the All Things D site. I really like the direction Elon is taking the world. He is one of the more interesting people right now, and he is changing the world for the better, (I think). 

There's more interesting content from last D11, here's the full video of Tim Cook in his second appearance at All Things D. As you might expect, he keeps most of the insight on the surface, which is totally fine, but he has some very interesting insights and points to make regarding Apple's stock prices and the Tax system.

Or have a look at the full interview with Dick Costolo (Twitter's CEO) talk about media partnerships with Twitter, high profile hacks, quick implementation and testing on a big platform. The service seems small, but there's a lot going on there. 

Or maybe you're more into Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO is talking their strategy to move Facebook into mobile (hint: it's where everything will move to).

There is another one from Mary Meeker on Internet Trends. I saw her slides (not the actual interview yet) and from the slides I'm sceptic because I didn't full agree with some of her numbers. So I'll probably devote a post just to that. 

The complete D11 coverage can be found here. It's very much worth your while if you want to know which direction the world is moving towards.